About Us

Tees for Humanity was created to remind us that being human is being human!

Tees for Humanity, a fashion t-shirt company, is the result of the marriage of an entrepreneur and a firefighter, literally.  The context is that we are all human and we all have our way of being, our identification, our place in this world - and we put it on t-shirts!

We wanted to do something fun and we wanted to do something good for the world. To consciously have an impact in some way - whether it was making someone laugh, reminding us to take a breath, or explore the fact that we are all human - and it is okay!

Tees for Humanity was created to give back.  For each section of charitable organizations on our site, $5 from EVERY t-shirt sold on this website is given to that organization or an organization that aligns with our values.  Charities that support women, our heroes in the military, first responders and our youth.  

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Tees for Humanity Julia and Glenn

Who we are:

Jeff Greenberg moved to south Florida in 2018 with his family.  An entrepreneur from an early age, has owned/operated and successfully managed a number of companies.  As a mortgage broker in Canada, Jeff hired and trained over 700 mortgage agents in his career.  As a licensed paralegal, he has worked with a number of corporate clients with their receivables and collection litigation. Jeff has a passion for marketing, branding and customer service. 

Julia Aquino-Serranois a serial entrepreneur, who spent 20 years in corporate America and began her consulting business in 2009, helping companies grow through process improvement and aligning people with the roles and culture of the company.  She launcher her first book: She Strategy and has a passion for assisting women and youth to live their best life.

Glenn Serranoretired from Rescue in 2013 after 28 years as a firefighter and paramedic. His life as a firefighter and first-responder has given us a lot of material, although his first goal is to represent the blueprint of a hero - how they are made, what they are made of.  Not everyone is willing to run into a burning building, stand on the front lines for America, or save lives in an emergency room daily.  But, for those who do, Blueprint of a Hero was created!