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Women, All T-shirt Fits are NOT the Same: How to buy a t-shirt that fits your body and style

Women, All T-shirt Fits are NOT the Same: How to buy a t-shirt that fits your body and style

For years, women could only get t-shirts sized and constructed for men.  They were boxy and bulky and did not flatter a woman’s body, ever. 

Then, in my 20’s there were t-shirts made for a woman’s body.  Hallelujah…we were getting closer.  I would still describe them as being bulky, which I now know is around 5.5 – 6 oz shirts.  And, they were more flattering to a woman’s body, however they were still a little large for my then tiny frame (notice I said “then”)

As women’s demand for a better fitting t-shirt grew, the industry came out with a more fitted tee, which is called a “junior” tee.  These t-shirts fit the smaller framed, oftentimes younger demographic, female bodies. Yay.  That worked for me for about 5 years, then I needed to go back to the women’s fit.

Truth be told...we are all different and at different stages in our maturity.  As women we are different heights, different bust sizes, different body styles.  And, all those factors matters in t-shirt sizing for women - to get the right fit to enjoy your tee!

Thankfully today there are t-shirt sizes and styles for every woman’s body style.  There is junior fit, women’s fit, curvy tees for plus-sized women, infant, youth, and every style you can imagine. There are fitted tees, boyfriend fits, flowy tees and tanks, loose fitted tanks, athletic tanks, curvy, plus-size tees for women, unisex and semi-fitted.

This is great news, right? Well, yes and no.  Because, most t-shirt companies are operated online.  And it is very difficult, if not impossible to determine what type of t-shirt you are purchasing.  And, then, once you get that long awaited tee, with the great saying that warms your heart, and it is waaaayyyyy too small -  but you ordered a Medium…and you always wear a Medium - it can be very disappointing.

So, Tees for Humanity is here to help with women's t-shirt sizing.  Here is a guideline, by type, and sizing that will help.  And, as a side note, this is how we are listing our product.

  • Junior Fit – is going to fit very tight and runs small. An XS fits a size 0, generally and a Medium would fit a size 5-7 (32 -34 bust) in Juniors or a 2-4 in Women’s sizing.  I wear a Medium generally and would need a Large or XL in this fit
  • Semi-Fitted – Semi-fitted t-shirts combine a missy fit with a more-tailored look. So, there is plenty of room across the chest and middle, but still tailored for a flattering look. 
  • Women’s Fit (also called a Missy or Classic Fit) – Women’s fit is not as fitted and runs more true to size. An XS is closer to a size 2, a Small size 4, a Medium size would be size 6-8, a Large size 10, an XL Size 12-14, a 2X Size 16-18, a 3X Size 20-22
  • Flowy Tees and Tanks: Most brands like Bella and Canvas and Next Level have t-shirts that are flowy, which is a current trend.  Flowy tees and tanks are a loose fit, but are still flattering. The tank tops often have a “gathered” back, so they look great but do not cling to, ummm, the extra fluff around the middle and are look really great.  These run true-to-size and would fit similar to a Women’s Fit Sizing.  This is my favorite tank!  Great for yoga or just running around
  • Curvy – Up to 65% of US Women wear a size 14 or up. Finally, LAT (Live and Tell Apparel) has come out with a Curvy t-shirt for women sized 14-28.  They are designed to enhance a curvy woman’s figure with stretch in the tees for both comfort and Fashion. They are sized appropriately, including a longer length.  They come in t-shirts and tanks! We carry these, as well.  Size 1 (14-16);  Size 2 (18-20);  Size 3 (22-24);  Size 4 (26-28)
  • Unisex – a unisex t-shirt is generally designed for either men or women. It is not going to be tailored and will be more of a loose fit on a woman, but still look great.  It’s like wearing your boyfriend’s t-shirt, but it will have a bit more fashion.

So, when purchasing a t-shirt online, it’s okay to ask about fit and style.  And, if you have any questions about our fits, styles, or colors, please feel free to contact us at 800-661-6431 or

Enjoy your t-shirts. Wear them well. And make sure they represent your truth!

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